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The Pandana Vision

At Pandana we have a vision for a place that will exist in nature, not instead of it.  

An unshakeable commitment to sustainability guides every decision we make.

We believe luxury is not just found in outstanding design. 

It is also found in crafting opportunities for people to immerse themselves in nature and to tap their calling within. 

We call this…

Simple. Sustainable. Luxury.

By studying the traditions and ingenuity of the custodians of our land we are re-introducing  ancient ideas in ways to build accommodation, communal spaces and captivating experiences in nature, that put the environment and cultural heritage first. 

We will also empower the communities that host us by providing inclusive recruitment, training and careers, as well as sourcing food and meaningful products with cultural significance from indigenous locals and artisans. 

Guests arriving at our hotel will find themselves among family. 

The Pandana family. 

This is achieved by the care and respect we give to all our team members. In turn, our guests will benefit from this, forming bonds and sharing experiences they will always remember.

At Pandana our greatest rewards come in the form of giving – giving to our guests , giving to our community and, most importantly, giving to our world.  

The core of our vision is sustainability.
Multidimensional sustainability that paves the way for responsible, ethical, practical and feasible commercial operations.

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